The showroom of Lexus of Townsville. A red LC 500 can be seen in front of a beige sitting area.


We Aim to Exceed Expectation

At Lexus of Townsville, we live by the Lexus motto - Experience Amazing.

You will be well looked after by our experienced sales team, who combined, have over 30 years experience in the luxury car market. They are all Lexus experts and take the time to get to know you and your interests so that they can work with you to find the Lexus that suits you and your family the best.   You will always receive a warm welcome (and a great cup of coffee) from our attentive Hostess upon arrival.  At Lexus of Townsville, we believe in treating each customer like a guest in our own home.

Our Reputation for Excellence

At Lexus of Townsville, we are proud of our reputation for excellence, customer service and attention to detail. We are leaders in North Queensland's luxury car market and regularly distinguish ourselves by the commitment and enthusiasm of our Sales and After-sales team.  Since the mid-90's we have created a community of loyal customers, who have all become wonderful ambassadors for our brand.

The Lexus of Townsville Family

We have always tried to create a Lexus of Townsville family and everyone who buys and services their Lexus through us, becomes part of that family. We go out of our way to ensure that our family members receive only the best service and everything is done with only excellence in mind.

The Lexus Customer Experience

Our relationship with our customers doesn't end the moment they purchase a Lexus vehicle. Rather, the Lexus customer experience continues for years to come with a range of exclusive benefits and privileges. Upon purchase of a Lexus you will become a member of the Encore programme for the duration of your warranty period, a service unrivalled in Australia.

The Lexus Story

When a group of automotive executives met in August 1983, they shared a bold vision to create a luxury vehicle that would rewrite the rule book on luxury and performance. Every single element of the first Lexus created, and indeed every vehicle since, was designed and built with this guiding principle in mind.

No Detail Too Small

For some, good enough is acceptable. At Lexus, every detail, no matter how small, is given equal importance. Every bolt used in every Lexus, for example, has a tiny sliver of steel scooped from the head reducing the overall weight of the vehicle by up to 9 kilograms. This helps to improve fuel efficiency and contributes to the exceptional performance of each vehicle in the Lexus range.

Why Lexus?

In a relatively short period of time, Lexus has established a unique place in the automotive world as a manufacturer of premium vehicles that distil breathtaking design, advanced technology, heart-stopping performance, environmental sensitivity and refined levels of luxury into one distinctive package. Lexus is constantly looking to the future, driven by innovation.

Every single element of every single Lexus is created with an unrelenting focus on innovation, in tandem with a unique design language that sets Lexus apart from other motor vehicle manufacturers. From the very beginning Lexus was conceived to set new standards within the automotive world, and this pursuit continues today.


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